lyndon ogden

Possibly the best money I have spent on advice. Sometimes you get too close to your own business website to see the possible improvements. Scott went above and beyond my expectations and I fully expect the site to perform better in the future

Marc B.

Scott's video website advice will improve our site 100% and likely double or triple business over the next few months--once we implement his many excellent suggestions.


I got more out of Scott's brief video review session than reading several books on the topic--which saves time and money.

David Garling

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the fabulously useful review of my new web site.

I just finished viewing it for the first (but certainly not the last!) time this morning.

Without doubt the most valuable marketing/business analysis that I have ever had.

I watched it with my action partner who is working on her own website, and she was equally amazed by your review.

Mendy Marks

Thank you SO much for the gift of your video! It is wonderfully helpful and just what I need. The information is precise and to the point.

I have already sent it on to my webmaster so we can start working on an updated site.

So many thanks again,
Mendy Marks


Hi Scott,
I've just watched the video and already began implementing your recommendations.
You've been incredibly helpful so I thank very much.
Thanks again for the time you took to help me out.

Vanessa Vinos

WOW Scott!!!!

Thank you SO much for the fabulous SEO review. I have been busy scribbling notes and plan to watch and re-watch as many times as I need too (no more watching Real Housewives of New York for me but Scott Fox's SEO clinic ;-)

I agree with all your little tweaks regarding general aesthetics, and the SEO aspects were brilliant. At least now with your screen shots I have an idea of what part of the code I should be looking at.




Thank you so much! That was great.

It was wonderful having another pair of eyes and I think your approach is going to be much more helpful in actually generating sales!

With your comments I am sure I will spend the next few days improving the site..then going full steam ahead!

Thanks again.



Thank you sooooo much for that insightful video review. You hit on so many great points, a number of which were floating through my mind but to hear you concisely itemize them is really going to help me take this thing to the next level. You are looking at the forest and I am stuck in the trees. So I have this video and I am going to watch it over many time to get a point form to do list and start working on it.

I see the simplicity you are driving at and that is what I want. Again I can't thank you enough. I will be in the forum more and will jump into the next level soon. So thank you for your great help!!!


Inga Maria Gudmundsdottir

Thanks Scott, your video website review was spot on and you've given me great points to think about. And what a great service you provide, it's not that easy to get quality feedback from a professional like yourself - will definitely recommend your services!


Wow, thanks for the great video website review Scott!

It's amazing how much one can learn by being able to see their website through someone else's eyes (and screen capture!) =)

Randall Stewart

Thank you Scott.

Your video website review did an awesome job of pointing out what I needed to do in order to increase my online sales with my website.

Your attention to detail as well as being able to focus your suggestions on those critical areas that require my immediate attention are well worth the investment in your online service.

I learned a lot about what I should be doing. Your recommendations are going to make a huge difference in how my site evolves over time.

Once again thanks for doing such a thorough analysis.

Randall Stewart


Great job. Thank You. Spot on!

Some of the comments Scott made about the site have been in the back of my mind for years, I just didn't think they were that obvious!


David Downey

Hi Scott...

Thanks for a great job and the fast turnaround on our recent website review. Your video was direct, to the point and highlighted many areas on our site that could use some attention.

Even though we are happy with our marketing partners you pointed out issues that none of us had previously seen. We are taking your suggestions to our marketing team for implementation.

We were equally impressed that you remembered us from our discussions a couple of years ago. It shows your clients are not just a number but rather people that you take a personal interest in.

I'm in the middle of your Click Millionaires book now and hope to talk to you soon as part of the Master Minds forum. Thanks!

Thierry Rats

Hi Scott,

Thanks for giving me such a detailed list of what improvements you judge very important regarding my web site design. Before I come to you, I felt that I hit a brick wall and did not quite know which direction to take to complete it into an easy to read, professional workable design. Now, I feel so much better knowing exactly what to do to improve it. I will gladly share the progress of the design changes on the Master Mind Forum in the next couple of weeks.
Scott, you are a champion!


This video review was a terrific investment and I could not be happier.

Scott gave clear and concrete advice that I am acting on immediately.

Exactly what I needed.

Andrea Butje

Scott- thank you for the extraordinary video review of my website. I am utilizing your insightful suggestions to make some important changes in the design of my site. I appreciated that your ideas have a really clear intention for improving the class registrations on my school's website. Your layout recommendations are easy to implement and make sense. I also laughed out loud a few times- always a pleasure to work with someone who makes me laugh! Thank you-your a kind and generous soul.


Wow! Thanks so much, Scott. The video review is fantastic!

You gave me the blueprint I need to turn my website into a Click Millionaire business! So much information to absorb and lots of new things to learn.

Anyone who is serious about making their website the best (and most profitable) it can be, needs to have a website review. It will give you a whole new outlook on your business.


Love the Samples Blog. Please add more!

Chris Bartram

Excellent review and input for our website Well recommended as introduced some new ideas, brought some obvious points to our consciousness to help create a much better customer experience. Just got to make it happen now!!


Greatest review ever. I have had two video reviews from Scott & Co and they were just great and well worth it. One review from giant step in your web site business.

Craig Beck

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the feedback - you were spot on. I was far too close to my product to see the things my site was missing. I was going too soft on the sell and just assuming people would 'get it'.

Changes have already been made - been up since 5am tinkering with the website.

Craig Beck


Thanks sooo much for all the time and thought that went into your review of my site! You helped confirm what I thought was strong about the site while also touching on a couple of major weaknesses. And, best of all, your video gave me some very concrete action steps to hopefully solve my problem areas. I’m really looking forward to seeing the impact of the improvements made after responding to your feedback.

Michael Belk

Scott your website reviews have helped me a lot. Keep putting in the good work. Your Youtube channel is excellent. thanks


Hi Scott,

Excellent video Learning. One really gets to learn all the minute points which our web designer often tend to missed. Great hard work. Hope this will help even more & more people to make more money out of their websites.

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