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Redesign Recommendations for a Telework Blog

A MasterMinds member from Saudi Arabia recently asked me for one of our free "Website Tune-Up Community Clinics" in the MasterMinds Forum.

As part of the excellent website redesign advice he got from fellow members from all over the world, I also chimed in with my thoughts.  These redesign tips include:

  • Business strategy suggestions
  • Domain name selection advice
  • Email list-building tips
  • Content selection for his blog posts
  • Legal issues with copyrighted articles
  • Niche selection and product development
  • and more!

Watch this 20 minute video for tips that can help YOUR website business, too.

And, if you'd like a personalized review of your own website or blog like this one, sign up for one today at or upgrade to the Click Millionaires "MasterMinds Forum".