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New Blog Strategy and Design Review Video

How would you change this new website and blog to maximize sales conversions and email signups?

And how should the owner, MasterMinds Forum member David, position the new blog, and its domain name, given the "sensitive" nature of its content?

This website review video discusses his brand new website and the steps that I think that he needs to take to improve its layout, usability, design, and monetization potential. is looking to grow into a trusted resource for bedroom advice.

In this video I review its new home page and blog to offer suggestions on how to change the design to make the site more user friendly and encourage purchases.

Usability tips like font changes and marketing ideas like better use of above the fold space are discussed extensively, too.

If you have a new blog or website where you're hoping to sell something online, please watch this free web design strategy video for tips on how you can improve the “Click Millionaire” potential of your site, too.

If you'd like me to personally review your website and online marketing strategies, please visit Or come join us at