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E-commerce Store Website Redesign Review Video: BluestarSeniorTech.com

How to improve online sales and increase customer conversions to grow revenues?

This video shares design and usability consultant Scott Fox's expert advice for the redesign and improvement of the UX and UI of http://www.BluestarSeniorTech.com, an online store selling security and health products for senior citizens.

Watch this expert website design review video for tips you can use to improve your online sales conversions and email list-building, too.

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How to Improve Sales Conversion - Advice for an E-commerce Website

How to get more sales online?  Watch this video for tips on redesigning this e-commerce site.

Narrowing the website's strategy to reduce distractions, improve usability, and increase the focus on product sales would help it sell a lot more online. 

See the details site redesign expert consultant, Scott Fox, recommends here:



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Video: Reviewing a Stock & Forex Training Website

Website design consultant Scott Fox reviews the site to suggest strategy, design, and usability improvements to increase conversions.

Learn about the stock and foreign exchange trading services at http://www.livetraders.com

Watch for tips that you can use to improve your sales conversions, too.

What ways do you see to improve the offers made on LiveTraders.com?

Long Island New York Piano Lessons Website Review

Converting more visitors to piano students is the goal of today's website review.

Usability and website design consultant Scott Fox walks us through http://chatalbashlessons.com and his suggestions for redesign and improvement.

Watch this latest website redesign and review video for tips you can use on your own website to improve conversions, too. 

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Art Jewelry Website Redesign Tips

Michelle is a fine artist who designs artistic jewelry for women.

Her work looks to be mostly precious metals that she sells at art fairs around the Chicago area.

The work is beautiful, but, her website could use some work if she wants to sell more of her art online. In today's competitive online world, you need a well-designed and easy to use site if you want to make money in e-commerce.

Watch this latest website redesign review video for the strategies I recommend Michelle use to increase her sales online.

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Golf Website Redesign Advice Video

Website redesign service consultant, Scott Fox, takes a swing at reviewing a golf website.

Watch this personalized video review for his recommendations on improving the sales, traffic, email list-building, and ad revenues of the #1 golfing website for Vancouver Island at  http://www.vigolf.ca.

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Genealogy Website Design Review Service Video

Is the copywriting and design on this site enough to convert you?

A free email course on genealogy is Paul's free offer on this sales page.  Then he adds some explanatory copy, a list of benefits/features, and some testimonials from previous customers.

What do you think? 


My suggestions include adding some more exciting copywriting, plus more graphics.

Watch this 20 minute video review of the site's design and marketing strategy to see my more detailed recommendations for increasing conversions.

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Large Scale Wall Art Website Review Video

Watch website design usability consultant, Scott Fox, give a customized review of this fine art website. 

Large scale wall art is the specialty of Florida artist, Bonny Hawley, as displayed on her website at http://www.bhawley.com.

In this video, Scott offers site redesign recommendations for improving sales, email list-building, SEO, and more.

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New Blog Strategy and Design Review Video

How would you change this new website and blog to maximize sales conversions and email signups?

And how should the owner, MasterMinds Forum member David, position the new blog, and its domain name, given the "sensitive" nature of its content?

This website review video discusses his brand new website and the steps that I think that he needs to take to improve its layout, usability, design, and monetization potential.

http://www.SexintheSecondHalfofLife.com is looking to grow into a trusted resource for bedroom advice.

In this video I review its new home page and blog to offer suggestions on how to change the design to make the site more user friendly and encourage purchases.

Usability tips like font changes and marketing ideas like better use of above the fold space are discussed extensively, too.

If you have a new blog or website where you're hoping to sell something online, please watch this free web design strategy video for tips on how you can improve the “Click Millionaire” potential of your site, too.

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