Updating Alernative Cancer Treatments Site Review

What can cancer survivor Patrick do to improve his sales of ebooks and consultations online?

He's sharing his alternative treatments through his website at http://www.alternativecancerremedy.com.

But as a web design consultant, I have a bunch of suggestions to help improve the site, grow Patrick's email list, and hopefully help him help more people online, too.

Watch this website video review for tips on usability, graphics, email list-building, ebook sales, social media, and more.

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Shopify E-commerce Store Redesign Video (for Pirates!)

Ahoy! It be time for some redesign advice for a new Shopify online store that sells pirate booty!

Watch this video review of pirate costume e-commerce store at http://www.PirateFashions.com for website sales conversion improvement ideas, product strategy, and usability recommendations from expert redesign consultant, Scott Fox.

Ready for Your Site's Close-up?

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Optimize Press Training Website Review Video

Kevin is a friendly Optimize Press Geek whose site offers consulting, training, and help for website owners using the Optimize Press theme for Wordpress.

In this new review video, website design consultant Scott Fox offers personalized redesign suggestions to help Kevin increase his sales. 

Watch this website review video for tips on how you, too, can improve your calls to action to increase sales, redesign your Wordpress website to build your email list faster, reduce design clutter, streamline checkout, and increase user satisfaction and conversions into customers.

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Website Review of Million Conferences Site

Tips on site design, product and marketing strategy, SEO, and more are the topics of this helpful  redesign and strategy advice video from website design and usability consultant Scott Fox.

Watch this 24 minute video for tips that can be helpful to increase the sales and ad revenues of your site, too:

And, if you're looking for continuing education credits as a therapist, visit the site featured in this video at http://www.millionconferences.com

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Redesign Recommendations for a Telework Blog

A MasterMinds member from Saudi Arabia recently asked me for one of our free "Website Tune-Up Community Clinics" in the MasterMinds Forum.

As part of the excellent website redesign advice he got from fellow members from all over the world, I also chimed in with my thoughts.  These redesign tips include:

  • Business strategy suggestions
  • Domain name selection advice
  • Email list-building tips
  • Content selection for his blog posts
  • Legal issues with copyrighted articles
  • Niche selection and product development
  • and more!

Watch this 20 minute video for tips that can help YOUR website business, too.

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Sales Page / Squeeze Page Redesign Advice Video

Squeeze page advice video to help improve the PPC sales conversion of the CV writing service at http://www.1click2cv.com.  


Watch website usability consultant Scott Fox review this website for a sales page redesign advice video designed to increase conversions, improve copywriting, and generate more sales online. 

(Including a special guest appearance by the sales page graphics creator at http://www.EasyGraphicsMaker.com - free to MasterMinds members!)

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SEO E-commerce Website Review Video

SEO website review video of search engine optimization recommendations for an e-commerce jewellery site from SEO consultant expert Scott Fox. 

Discussion in this video SEO website review includes keywords, long-tail keywords, how to place keywords, optimization of website menus, file structure, images, and keyword placement to attract better search engine rankings and more customers online for the e-commerce jewelry site at http://www.luxuria-jewellery.com

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Fine art e-commerce website redesign recommendations video

Custom website design review video from http://www.ExpertWebsiteReviews.com for the fine art clothing site of Candiss Cole Designs.


Watch the video for expert web design consultant Scott Fox's advice on redesign, usability, product presentation, email list-building, and e-commerce features to improve sales online.

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Deck Design Company Website Redesign Advice Video

Website design review video from webdesign consultant Scott Fox for http://www.ideas-for-deck-designs.com.

Watch this quick video for expert recommendations on redesign, usability, product strategy, email list-building, and e-commerce features to help this deck design business grow its sales online.


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New Social TV Site Redesign Recommendations (video)

Personalized website design and content strategy review video of the new social TV website at http://www.BlogMyTV.com.

Website design expert Scott Fox reviews the usability, website design, product strategy, and sales conversion for the site to improve its layout, user appeal, and revenue strategies.

Watch this video website review from http://www.ClickMillionaires.com host Scott Fox for expert advice on improving the site's usability, content strategy, interactivity, community-building, design tips, and marketing strategy, including personalized recommendations on redesign and change of the site strategy to increase participation, visitor commenting, and subscriptions.

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Dress Up Games Website Review Video Recommendations

Dress up games and website design improvements for a popular online doll games website are the topic of the latest usability and SEO review video from Scott Fox. 

Watch this video website review for Scott's redesign recommendations for http://www.dressupgames.com

The recommendations include best practices advice on navigation menus, home page design, SEO for Ajax pages and tabs, product strategy, Facebook comments, new revenue opportunities, and advertising placement optimization, too.

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Website Design Recommendations for Dressup Doll Girls Game Site

Dress up doll girl games website design and SEO recommendations from online advertising expert Scott Fox are the topic of this redesign video for http://www.DollDivine.com

Watch the free video review for search engine optimization (SEO) tips and suggestions on how to make more money from online advertising while also improving usability and profitability online.

Were these tips helpful for you and your site?

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