E-commerce Store Website Redesign Review Video: BluestarSeniorTech.com

How to improve online sales and increase customer conversions to grow revenues?

This video shares design and usability consultant Scott Fox's expert advice for the redesign and improvement of the UX and UI of http://www.BluestarSeniorTech.com, an online store selling security and health products for senior citizens.

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Long Island New York Piano Lessons Website Review

Converting more visitors to piano students is the goal of today's website review.

Usability and website design consultant Scott Fox walks us through http://chatalbashlessons.com and his suggestions for redesign and improvement.

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Large Scale Wall Art Website Review Video

Watch website design usability consultant, Scott Fox, give a customized review of this fine art website. 

Large scale wall art is the specialty of Florida artist, Bonny Hawley, as displayed on her website at http://www.bhawley.com.

In this video, Scott offers site redesign recommendations for improving sales, email list-building, SEO, and more.

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Shopify E-commerce Store Redesign Video (for Pirates!)

Ahoy! It be time for some redesign advice for a new Shopify online store that sells pirate booty!

Watch this video review of pirate costume e-commerce store at http://www.PirateFashions.com for website sales conversion improvement ideas, product strategy, and usability recommendations from expert redesign consultant, Scott Fox.

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SEO E-commerce Website Review Video

SEO website review video of search engine optimization recommendations for an e-commerce jewellery site from SEO consultant expert Scott Fox. 

Discussion in this video SEO website review includes keywords, long-tail keywords, how to place keywords, optimization of website menus, file structure, images, and keyword placement to attract better search engine rankings and more customers online for the e-commerce jewelry site at http://www.luxuria-jewellery.com

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Dress Up Games Website Review Video Recommendations

Dress up games and website design improvements for a popular online doll games website are the topic of the latest usability and SEO review video from Scott Fox. 

Watch this video website review for Scott's redesign recommendations for http://www.dressupgames.com

The recommendations include best practices advice on navigation menus, home page design, SEO for Ajax pages and tabs, product strategy, Facebook comments, new revenue opportunities, and advertising placement optimization, too.

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Website Design Recommendations for Dressup Doll Girls Game Site

Dress up doll girl games website design and SEO recommendations from online advertising expert Scott Fox are the topic of this redesign video for http://www.DollDivine.com

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Free Website Review Video - Get Organized-Stay Organized!

Free website video review personalized for ClickMillionaires.com MasterMinds member Jelane.

Web design and usability consultant Scott Fox offers tips for improving the business strategy, layout, monetization, affiliate marketing, SEO, and products for her website at http://www.getorganized-stayorganized.com.

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Web Site Design Review: HypnoHype.com

Web design consultant Scott Fox from http://www.ExpertWebsiteReviews.com conducts a video review of the design, usability, SEO, and marketing strategy of http://www.HypnoHype.com.

Watch this personalized video review for expert tips on increasing sales, attracting more customers, building an email list, selling download products, and more.

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Web Design Consultant Review Video

Web design consultant Scott Fox reviews the usability, design, and SEO of this B2B website.

Watch this web design consultant review video to see his video recommendations for redesign and user experience improvement at http://www.crystal-display.com.

Watch this video website review  from http://www.ClickMillionaires.com host and web design consultant Scott Fox for expert advice on improving the site's usability, product strategy, e-commerce sales conversion, design tips, SEO, and marketing strategy, including personalized recommendations on redesign and change of the site strategy to convert more customers.

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Website Design Review Video of Strictly4Paws.com

Expert website review video of the user interface of new e-commerce website http://www.Strictly4Paws.com.

Website design suggestions for this ClickMillionaires.com member include reviews of the usability, product strategy, shopping, SEO, layout, conversion strategies, and customer appeal of the site for redesign to encourage e-commerce purchases online.

Personalized expert recommendations for improving web site product presentation, user interface, design, and marketing potential are included.

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