Wow. Lots of great information.

I'll listen and watch this video multiple times and comb through for the items to take action on.

I so appreciate your expertise and honest, to-the-point review.

Thank you.


Simply having Scott review my web site inspired me to turn my site into more than just a business card online. I am quickly learning the world Wide Web is a really dynamic place to do business.

Scott's video review provided me with a path to a more rewarding future online. For the first time ever I am receiving interest in my pool business web site in winter time and I am actually booking installations.

Thanks Scott

Cy Smith

WOW...thank you Scott!!
I am sure glad I raised my hand for this SEO review.
I will get to work on these changes right away. I will need to watch this several times to get all locked in but you have given me lots to do...
Thanks again...

Lisa Gerard

Scott's video review yielded a gold mine of specific information and ideas for me to use in making my site better and more profitable.

Expert is the keyword in describing Scott's video website reviews.

Lori Biwer-Stewar

HI, there.

My Expert Website Review video was posted a few days ago. It was very helpful to get a fresh opinion about what could be changed to increase sales.

I made some changes within the last few days, and I'm sure I will continue to tweek it. Hopefully this will help.

Jesse Wright

Everyone who is serious about making money online should use Scotts Expert Website Review to make sure they're on the right track.

His advice was invaluable for my business!

Kurt Smith

Thanks to Scott's video review of my website, I have a whole bunch of new ideas that I am looking forward to implementing. Of course, this is causing me to redesign the whole thing from scratch...but I was going to do that anyway. And now I have a basis from which to work, and I am incorporating as many of Scott's suggestions as I can!

I've read both of Scott's books and learned a great deal from the review...the guy knows what he's talking about!


Scott, thank you very much for your review.

It is very good and makes a lot of sense to me.

Your advice was equally valuable on detailed and strategic level.

I will recommend your service to all my friends.


As emotionally attached as I was to our site, Scott nailed it.

We created a beautiful site that was, well, just simply beautiful.

Since I'm in business to make money, the site needed to be more than beautiful -- it needed to convert more visits into sales.

Scott's input was sympathetic and direct. Hire Scott if you're truly interested in improving your e-commerce sales.

Michael Belk

You do a good job on your video website reviews. It was good to see you review somebody's else website so I could see your services in action. Thanks

Barbara Nelson

Hi Scott

The video was very helpful. It is a lot of info to absorb! I would definitely recommend your service. Thank you for all of your input on my website design...I'll start making changes brick by brick!

I was looking for help and guidance and you did that very well.

Thank you for your help!

Barbara Nelson


Wow Scott!

Your review video is very detailed and full of useful ideas about marketing strategies as well as being giving a helpful critique of the overall look and feel of the website.

Your comments are direct and to the point and I would recommend anyone who is thinking of a new business model to follow this route, as independent unbiased advice is always the best.

Best wishes,

Ed Gooch

I thought my website video review was very helpful. I'm looking forward to making the changes and seeing the increase in conversions.

Also, here is a comment from my business coach who I sent the review to:
"I think this guy Scott Fox did a great job reviewing your website and gave you a whole bunch of practical and implementable ideas on how to improve. When we talk on Friday let's discuss what you're going to do with Scott's suggestions."


Mohamed Sanih

this is really great...maybe this is what i need...


I knew I needed help, but didn't know what do do.

Scott's video did in 12 minutes what would have taken me 12 days to figure out!

I am excited to implement the design changes which will help make my website what it should be.

Thank you Scott!

Dr. Chris Pinney

The video did offer excellent feedback. Was worth the price.

Ellen Manchester

I thought the video review was extremely helpful.

It helped me to focus on what result I wanted from my web site. Scott did a great job of highlighting both the weaknesses and strengths of the site.

I feel that I got excellent value for my money and would wholeheartedly recommend this service.

Thanks again,

Doug N.

I would encourage all of you to spend the time and money to have Scott look at your site.

It always helps to have someone look at your site that isn't emotionally attached to it like we sometimes get.

I know most of us have had friends and family look at our sites and they tell us how wonderful we've done, how great it looks etc. etc. but Scott saw things in my site nobody else had mentioned and things I hadn't really thought about.

I know from here going forward I'm on a better track because of Scott and his fresh outlook of my site.

Give it a try. it's well worth it.

Charles & Linda Musselwhite

Great idea Scott! I agree with Melinda and Patrick that a wesbite video review will save precious time and money by providing a visual action plan to improvement and success.

Let me be clear, I do not receive any compensation from Scott Fox or Click Millionaires but if you want to receive expert advice that will provide immediate results this is the ACTION step to take.


Being able to actually look at the website while hearing the critique and recommendations make it much easier to visualize "success".

Being able to actually direct one's attention to the what, where and how, makes it much easier to understand the why.

Video is the way to go!

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